Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do penguins make great projectiles?

I was bored, was sick of working on my other project, so I decided to add a quickie to the list.

Scotty is a BIG fan of the computer company Linux, we use it on all of our computers, spends alot of time in the tech rooms helping out all that cute nerdy stuff. Well the Linux mascot is Tux the penguin, I decided I was going to make Scotty a penguin, something he could take to work, and proudly show his Linux pride. :D

After searching for a couple hours, the only “tux” patterns we were able to find were all for sewing and (even tho I’m a beast at knit and crochet) I’m a HORRIBLE seamstress. Never made a straight row :P Scotty then stumbled across this little cutie and decided to give him a whirl….He's a free pattern on the Lion brand Yarn website, if you like him give him a try, I'd love to see your little penguins :D

Link to the Pattern

Now, I’m making at least one (hopefully 3) little penguins for my can cozy swap partners little boys. It’s going to get it’s real first test on strength and durability (or throw-a-bility as Scotty calls it) and if it holds up I’ll be workin’ away!