Sunday, June 14, 2009

More 4-wheelin

Scotty and I were 'feelin some big city blues, so we decided to head up to the trails. I took my camera and tried to get some great pics. We took our time, and stopped many times along the trail. Usually we don't stop as much, but we were really enjoying the day.
Hope you enjoy viewing the photos, I had a great time taking them.
*click the images to see the photos larger*

Clouds drifting with the winds over the peaks. This was on our way back down on our way home. I put them in order of my favorite so they are out of time line but if you want to see all 130 some odd photos in order, I will be posting a link where you can find them all. :) I know I'm a dork.

Swirling winds, creating beautiful fluffy skies.

This is a shot of the town George Town from high up on the trail.
*hey! BUCKET! ha ha ha!*

Some of the fast moving waters. This was on the first stop where we rested, on the way up.
This was at the peak of the trail. We stopped for a while and enjoyed the sounds of the rushing waters.

More of the clouds swirling and whirling...

A great shot of the trail itself. This trip wasn't bad until the trip back when it started raining. Caused all the "little rocks" to stick out and create quite the bumpy ride haha.

I love this view of the Mountain, the snow looks like a zipper running right down the side.

This is my favorite of all the photos. This was back at the first stop along the waters edge. I thing I may play around with this one on photo shop a bit. I couldn't seem to get enough of the water. Of course, with all the run off this year, the sound of the rushing waters were amazing. :)

As I said earlier, here is the link to see the the whole set of images.

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