Friday, February 12, 2010

Aaaahhh!! V-day is aproaching, and I'm not ready!

So... the dreaded valentines day is quickly approaching, and I know a few of my guy friends who could use a little help in the "what do I get her?!?!" department. Relax guys, over the next 2 days... I've got ya covered. Rest easy, you wont have to do much shopping, if any at all. Most of what you will find you should already have, and I will suggest substitutions just in case :)

Tonight, we will start... with dinner. Now this is where most of you start freaking... well... don't. Seriously, it's super easy, like... lazy easy, just relax and lets get cooking...

  • A few slices of bacon (2 for each chicken breast)
  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breast
  • 1 can condensed cheddar cheese soup (10.75-ounce)*I didn't have regular cheese soup, so I used broccoli cheese soup. Worked great and tasted the same to me :)
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • Either Tabasco sauce, caned diced chili, powdered chili(what I used) or anything else you have around that will give it a kick. Heck even just some salsa will work.
  • Pinch of garlic, salt, pepper

  • Step One: Preheat the oven to 400Degres F, and slap some tin foil on a cookie sheet.
    Step two: Rinse the chicken, and cut it in half. Wrap each half with a strip of bacon. and pop it in the oven. Set the timer to 20 min. **Note: You can leave it whole but it will take longer to cook and be uneven. (Translation: Your chicken will be burned on the tips and raw in the middle. I wouldn't eat that, but you can if you'd like...)
    I can't wait to get a bigger cutting board. RME
    Mmmmm... bacon and breasts... ahem I mean... oh you know you were thinking it too! About 20 min will do. :)

    Step 3: While the chicken is cooking, Put the can of soup in a pot with the milk and spices. Heat on medium (half way point on the dial) and stir. Once it bubbles turn off the heat and cover with a lid.
    *it will be very lumpy at first, but keep stirring and you'll get there.

    Step 4: Once the 20 min are up, switch the oven to broil (the highest heat possible) and move the chicken up a little if it's low in the oven. Wait until you see this, This is where the bacon gets crunchier, you just let it in there for 1-2 min... Seriously, don't skip this step, soggy bacon is a sin boys and girls!
    *Broil setting
    Sorry for the fuzzyness, Seth is still working on his camera man skills... He's getting a lot better though LOL.
    Keep the door cracked so the flame stays on...
    Repeat after me "soggy bacon is a sin..."
    Thats it... your done... it needs nothing more! Spoon some of the cheese sauce on the chicken and dig in. See, now that wasn't hard. It took you less than 5 min of actual work to make, and just wait until you see the resulting smile on your valentine. *If you think thats a good reaction... Do the dishes... Trust me, she'll be ecstatic! ;)
    Right out of the oven... I wish you could smell these.
    Great with any "steam in a bag" side veggies, and you can always pop a potato or two in the microwave for a super easy side in less than 10 min.
    Thanks for stopping by...
    Come back tomorrow for super easy bath salts and sugar cookies!