Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Deadly bacon bliss

So, I stumbled on this a few months back, and Scotty has been begging me to make it since. I had a few hold backs (not including the health issues involved in eating one of these things!) Click here for a link to the blog were all this madness started.

Some of the other hold ups I was facing were the fact that I've never woven food before, it seemed kinda foreign to me but that was small potatoes as I knew it wasn't rocket science. Also, came the issue of not having a pan big enough to cook the monster in. I decided to make a slightly smaller version so it would fit in the pan we do have, I only had to cut it down by a slice in either direction.

So I finally decided to give it a try and bellow you will find the cheesy fatty doom that ensues....

Step 1:
Weave the bacon in a small square in a frying pan (make sure your pan is oven safe for both in the oven and under the broiler, because mine wasn't I had to swap pans at the end, it was messy, and I would suggest just using the one if you can)

Step 2:
Fry in the oven set at 400 degrees. There was no time line on the website, so I guesstimated (basically I stood there and kept a really close eye on it) Since ovens are a bit different I would suggest doing the same, Mine was in for about 15 min but I would still stick close so it doesn't get too crispy. (you want it still slightly chewy at this point as you want to be able to roll it.

Step 3:
Cheese! and lots of it! I decided to use some deli slices I picked up just for this, but if you have shredded cheese that works awesome too :D Layer it on and...

Step 4:
Roll that baby up! Stick it back into the oven and let it get nice and crispy (at this point I raised the oven rack a level, and turned on the broiler, I wanted a nice crispy outside layer and this method worked great!)A very happy Scotty pointing at his tasty tasty treat! ( on a side note, the next afternoon, Scotty said "baby, that bacon thing you made yesterday.... yeah... it tasted wonderful... but don't ever make it again... ok? " turns out all that cheese and bacon fat had wreaked havock on his whole body and he fealt soooo bad all day. Maybe next time I'll let some of the oil drain off before just inhailing it LOL that might make a difference)

Step 5:
Once crispy, slice up and enjoy! We decided to make ours a sammich, with a little bit of mayo and thats it, hope you enjoy, I know we did :D

*one last note, to prevent your tasty doom from ending up like this, use a sharp knife instead of a cheapo like I used.

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