Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Treasure hunts gone awry...

Seth and I are big fans of treasure hunts. We like to pretend to be pirates and we make maps (usually with crayons and some colored construction paper) and we set off with a list of things to find... or errands to run ;) (makes my day 10 times easier if he thinks its all part of the game :D).

We decided to have another hunt this weekend but this time we wanted to do a photo scavenger hunt... our target... things that a pirate might like if he were living today. Basically, I thought it would be fun to walk around the mall taking pictures of pirate-ity things. Well... it went great!

We started seeing things before we even go in the front door. Used his new camera and he did most of the shots himself. Things like a large fish sculpture made of recycled bicycle parts, some hand built replica ships at an art shop, and he even got the idea of taking a picture of his lemonade... "they didn't want to be a...mmm... what was it again?" LOL "limey buddy"

We had a great time! We ate dinner, made a couple of laps around the mall, and had some me and him time :) Then.... we get home and try to take the pictures off his camera. Apparently, the cheapo camera I picked up for him for Christmas is indeed just that... cheapo. It appears that the batteries sit in there just a little loose, and when it gets jostled even just a little, it resets and wipes the memory on the camera. His poor little heart was broken, as was mine :( we had a great time! and he was really hoping to have pictures to share. Were going to try again next weekend, but I think were going to bring a different camera. I'll keep you posted, and I have some finished projects to post too!

On that note, I have finished all but one of my projects... so naturally I have started another LOL. I'm working on a hat for Scotty and it's gonna look awesome :D... if I can ever get the pattern strait... *rme*

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