Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A few good times... *aka Hallows eve photos

Happy very belated Halloween! Yea, I realize it's almost been a week, I'm lazy remember? So anyway, as usual... this is a pic heavy post. The pictures start with Friday at ServiceMagic, and continue into Saturday night at a party at Annies' place. Enjoy ;)

Feel free to contact me if you would like to order prints of any of my photos.

Good morning Dr. Annie! *Muwahahaha!!!

Ah... yes... say it with me now the contractors wont get "nun" *Rolls eyes and giggles

This is Russle and Blane :D Great guys with a wonderful sense of humor :) They both work the early shift with me and make mornings A LOT more bearable.

Now since we had a Fred Flinstone (See pick above lol) we had to have a pebbles...

It had just finished snowing about 2feet the morning before... so yea... hence the jacket. Sooo cute tho :)
LOL I had to get a pic of this one to show my dad, he still says "Hello! McFly!" to this day! Such a great movie!

Loved Matts costume this year! Not what I would have expected for him... kinda makes you wonder :P

*Now... heres where we take a little break... I have a little back story to tell you. Technically all of the customer service teams (there are 4 of us) all had different costume themes... for example...

Aaron's team did pirates...



I love working for this company....

Robert's Team did Mario brothers...
Dustin and Scott :D They made a great Mario and Luigi

and my team... well... we were supposed to be rock stars, but only 3 of us dressed up...
A great shot of Maggie and I :)
*I just had to share that side story... thank you for listening... back to the rest of the photos lol

Scary clown!

At first I just walked right by him, but then I realized... well... peek-a-boo!
This was one of the best... I wish I would have gotten a better shot :(

This is my friend Dennis... well it's Jack but... well you get the point. Anyway, I helped make his costume... see that ginormous head? yea... I did that :D it was awesome!
And he had a grat time playing with it LOL
This is one of my favorites from that day :)

Later that night, Seth and I returned to ServiceMagic for the trick or treat walk. We had a very good time, and Seth had a blast dressing up as Frankenstein.

Mmmmm... snacks :D
Scotty went to a party dressed as a hippie... LOL love the outfit :P

On to Saturday!

Self portrait

Hooray Annie! I love this woman! She is just so much fun to be around *when I grow up I want to be just like her ;)

Everyone looooves standing in the kitchen... *one of my favorite shots of the night :)

Annie had the place all decked out! Found this guy hanging out on the fridge :)

These we a couple candle holders, couldn't really get a good shot for some reason...

This was my favorite costume of the night... Octomom ROFL
I told you it was one of the best movies! :) Hooray 80s flashback!

Lovely Ladies, with lovely costumes, one had amazing wings :)

And another was one of the hottest zombies I'd seen :)
And last but not least... These 3 costumes had me laughing all night and this was the best shot of them all :)

I really hope you have enjoyed this post :)

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