Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love a good swap!

I joined a knitters online swap a few weeks back, and it was a blast! The group I joined was apart of the Raverly communities and I met two wonderful women! If your not familiar with a swap, I'll break down the basics....

A group of people with similar interests (in this case knitting and beverage cozies LOL) get together online weather in a forum or on a blog list, and the group moderator (the guy/gal running the show) sets up pairs of 3 and exchange goodies related to their interest. You typically are given one person to knit/crochet for and a separate person to knit/ crochet for you. It keeps it really interesting and it's a great way to meet a lot of really wonderful people! I hope I explained it right, it's really fun and if your a fiber addict it's a great way to get new yarns for your collection and its a wonderful way to meet new people. :) Here are some pics from my swap.

First the pictures of what I sent out. My swap buddy was a young mommy, like myself, named Jen, Shes about the same age as me and she has 3 beautiful little boys. They are trying for a third, (hoping for a little girl) and just found out they are expecting! :D Knowing that she was hoping for a girl, I tried to send a little girlie energy her way with my goodies and knits. First, the yarn I picked, It's a wonderfully soft Ella rae fiber. I wanted to pick something fun and colorful :)

Next.... the star of the show! Mr. Bunnymen the pink can cozy! LOL Seth thought it was hillarious and I've already made a seccond one for the lovely Mrs. X.

And some chocolates I picked up from a little shop in old Downtown Littleton. MMMMM tasty
I also wanted to send her a special thank you for being so understanding, there was a slight delay in the package getting send due to.... well honestly I was broke LOL... so I picked up a little extra pink. ;)
I also "picked up" some local caramel and cranberry ice cream topping, but I forgot to take a picture of that before I sent it off, it was the last thing to arrive and the first thing in the box LOL.

And now... for my goodies, this partner was from Vancouver, BC. Her name is Melnida, she too has a couple of youngsters but they are almost all grown up at this point. She and I really connected and have alot of similar styles and tastes, not to mention chaotic lifes and goof ball sweeties. One of the little snaggs we ran into tho is I'm not a big soda drinker and so I asked her if she could make my soda cozy a coffee cozy... and boy did she!!! Not only did she send me a new coffee cozy but she sent me 3 new coffee cozies!!! Each one is soooo... beautiful! Almost like minni sweaters for my mugs :D
This one is my fave as you can see, It fits even my super tall travel mug in the mornings to keep that first cup extra cozy warm.
I haven't had the chance to use this one yet, It's really nice and thick, hopefully it'll fit a couple of my mugs :)
This one fit Scotty's tea mug great, (even if when you've got rum and coco instead of tea in it LOL)
She also sent me a beautiful photo album, full of amazing photographs that she and her husband snapped of some of their favorite places near their home. The photos were stunning and just took my breath away. (I'll try to scan in a few of my faves and post them later)
Inside the cover was a darling little book mark with a photograph of a coast close to her home.
She also sent 2 amazing balls of a rusty orange Italian Merino wool, I can't wait to make it into something, I can't decide what to make... it's killing me searching and searching, it' has to be the perfect... thing... maybe slippers, maybe some gloves, or a cute little hat :D hmmmm.... any suggestions?
And the last 2 items that came tumbling out of the green almost see through envelope... well they brought me to a mix of tears and giggles. One was a post card, with a lovely little note and an amazing shot of BC.
The note says..."Hi Melanie~ I sure hope you like your cozy swap package. I had so much fun making the different patterns and am really hoping one will fit on your favourite mug. Have to admit I caught the bug and have (made) my daughter a bodum cozy and 2 mug cozies using the Debbie Bliss pattern. Hopefully the album doesn't bore you to deth and the woll color is ok. Enjoy. Your swap partner, Melinda a.k.a Cluxewe"
Start the water works! Eyes watering... soo happy.... This is by far one of the best gifts I've gotten and it's perfect! The seccond item had me in stitches!!! It was...
The cutest turtle measuring tape!!! You tug on his left front foot and *click click click!* out comes the measuring tape then you push the little button on his belly and *zip* in it goes and he's back to normal! So cute!

I have to say, I'm really glad I decided to participate in this swap. I met two lovely young ladies, with stunning taste, amazing children, and a spark for life that resembles my own. :) I'm so excited I can't wait for my next swap!

I leave you all with a little food for thought for the day... be true to yourself, because you is all you truly have.

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