Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Trails to you...

So, It's late, and we just got back from a long drive up to black hawk and back. We went off road through some of the back trails, and I wanted to share some of the pics. Hope you enjoy.

We drove through a ghost town on our way to the trails. Kinda gave me the creeps...

One of the houses in the old town. I believe it was called Nevadavile, but I'm not quite sure on that. We drove through it relatively quick, but I would like to go back and maybe spend an afternoon taking some great shots. There's a lot of black and white potential up there, especially this time of year when all the plant life around it is still sleeping.

A shot from the trail we were climbing. There were a couple of spots were it got kinda hairy...

A couple of spots... full of rocks, tight bends, and random missing road. LOL Scotty was having a wonderful time of course.

We stopped on this hillside for a break from all the jostling LOL. The view was amazing, and I can't believe all the beautiful houses up there. I was just trying to keep from freaking out in the tight spots :P In all honesty though it was wonderful :)

Some of the roads we were on were still covered in snow.

All in all it was a wonderful day, we ended up going to the buffet at the Ameristar casino on our way home. I didn't get any pics at that point becuase my batteries were kaput in my camera. It was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday.

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