Sunday, July 5, 2009

Aspen! Happy 4Th of July

*Warning this is a photo heavy entry, may take several min to load :)
Hope you enjoy!

I had an.... AMAZING weekend!
Left late Thursday, and spent a very warm weekend in Snowmass/Aspen with Scotty and his parents. :) They have a beautiful condo in Snowmass and its at the bottom of a slope. The photo opps were constant and, sadly alot of them were missed. My camera is busted... to say the least, and I had also forgotten to bring extra batteries.

Here are some of the pics I did get. ;)

Water was everywhere! It also rained every day :)

Everything was so green!

More water :)

Scotty Driven through the water :P

The drive was beautiful!
Tee hee :) Hi!

The Trail

Starting with the 4th :) I love playing with the timing on my camera!

This one is one of my faves


So calm the next morning :)

More Pics to come... Stay tuned